“Children are the world’s most valuable resource   and the best hope for the future”

-John F. Kennedy

“A teacher who can smile   at each student, who cans greet each student with love,   can work wonder”

-Abraham Lincoln

“Tell me &I’ll forget   , show me and I may remember; involve me and   I’ll understand”.

-Chinese   Proverb

Children are risk takers and venture to explore new arenas without inhibitions constraints and limitations.

That is where we learn from children to make them learned.  “To prepare our children for all the possibilities” is our motto.

We exalt, emulate and tap the potentials   for every child to cherish and exemplify itself in its field of interest as each child is ‘Unique’.

We know! Our ardent efforts lie to acknowledge the education with quality& excellence with cheerful   learning experience.

Our assessment of formal and informal endorsed by CCE Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation beautifies the glory

of learning not deferring to only idealistic education but   to tune & chisel with molding a versatile personality.

Our arduous efforts lie in nurturing the capabilities, promote optimistic attitude, realize aptitude, and imbibe quality,

Internalize values exhort confidence to face the world through the School activities.


Let’s   make   ‘IMPOSSIBLE’   to be    I’M POSSIBLE.