Fee Structure


Admission Fee

Rs. 25.00


Re Admission Fee

Rs 100.00


Tuition Fee



Class IX & X (Boys)

Rs 200.00


Class XI & XII Commerce & Humanities (Boys)

Rs 300.00


Class XI & XII Science (Boys)



Computer Fund



Class III onwards wherever Computer Education is being imparted

Rs 50.00


Computer Science Fee. (for elective subjects) + 2 stage

Rs 100.00


Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi



Class I - X

Rs 240.00


Class XI & XII (non-science)

Rs 240.00


Class XI & XII (Science)

Rs 300.00


a)     If more than one child of the same parent is studying in class of IX to XII of a Kendriya Vidyalaya , the child in the higher class shall pay full tuition fee and the second child only half of the tuition fee , whether the latter is studying in same or any other Kendriya Vidyalaya.

b)    Deserving students whose parents/guardian are not in a position to pay the prescribed tuition fee may be exempted from payment of such fee to the extent indicated below:

                                i.            Full and half fee concession may be granted at the direction of the Principal to not more than 20% of the total no. of students on roll in each of the Secondary and Senior secondary classes as on 31st July of the year, provided the cost of this concession does not at any time exceed 10% of full concession. For this purpose, the total no. of students on roll shall be exclusive of total no. of students of the exempted categories availing fee concession.

                             ii.            The no. of fee concessions shall not be altered during the year but any freeship or half free ship within the prescribed limit not granted at the beginning of the year or which has become available in the course of the year by reason of free or half free scholar ceasing to be a student, may be awarded to other deserving students.

                           iii.            If a number of eligible students entitled to the concessions mentioned in (i) above exceeds the number permissible within the financial limits laid down therein, the concession shall be restricted to the more deserving students on the basis of merit, such merit being determined on the basis of their relative performance at the preceding annual examination or by holding where necessary a special examination for the purpose of determining their inter se merit.


            The students with disability may be granted exemption from paying VVN and TUTION fee . The term ‘Disability ‘ as per PWD Act 1995 means:

1.     Blindness

2.      Low vision means a person with impairment of visual functioning even after treatment even treatment or standard refractive correction but who uses or is potentially capable of using vision for the planning or execution of a task with appropriate assistive device.

3.      Leprosy - cured means any person who has been cured of Leprosy but is suffering from

                                i.            Loss of sensation in hands or feet as well as lose of sensation and paresis in in the eye and eye lid but with no manifest deformity.

                             ii.            Manifest deformity and paresis but having sufficient mobility in their hands and feet to enable them to engage in normal economic activity

                           iii.            Extreme physical deformity as well as advanced age which prevent from undertaking any gainful occupation , and the expression “leprosy cured” shall be constructed accordingly.

4.      Hearing impairment means loss of sixty decibels or more in better year in the conversational range of frequencies.

5.      Loco motor disability means disability of the bones , joints , muscles leading to substantial restriction of the movement of the limbs or any form of cerebral palsy.

6.      Mental Retardation means a condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind of a person which is specially characterized by sub normality of intelligence.

7.      Mental illness means  any mental disorder other than mental retardation.

Also a person with Disability means a person suffering from not less than 40% of any disability as certified by a medical board of Govt. hospital.